Don Julio

Don Julio González began producing tequila in 1942 when he opened his distillery in Atotonilco, Mexico.

Originally it was only producing tequila for personal reservation, in small amounts to friends and family. Eventually, the quality, craftsmanship and taste of Tequila Don Julio spread throughout Mexico and everywhere, becoming the first luxury tequila in the world. To date, it remains the most popular luxury tequila in Mexico.

The process to create the Tequila Don Julio is as unique as the tequila itself. Since the cultivation of the agave plant, to the American white oak barrels where it is aged, the creation of Tequila Don Julio is a process that requires the skilled and experienced hands of artisans to create tequila.

Each bottle of Don Julio Tequila is made from 100% Weber blue agave harvested manually in the highlands of Jalisco-one of the most fertile regions of the country to harvest the agave. That’s where each agave plant grows by a period of seven to ten years before being jimada to provide the soft, ripe agave flavor that characterizes the Tequila Don Julio. This focus on quality and craftsmanship is what separates the Tequila Don Julio tequilas other, and what has made the world’s finest tequila for over seventy years.