Los Danzantes

Los Danzantes encompasses a group of companies with a mission to reassess and heighten the culinary and cultural riches of Mexico through the fusion of a wide range of Mexican products and concepts such as our Mexican restaurants, artisanal mezcal production of our and respect for the communities with which we interact and the environment. We envision cause Mexican identity and give back to our people love Mexico.

The Distillery’s main mission is the artisanal production of high quality Mezcal. The artisanal Mezcal is produced with respect for the Mexican people, to the land, traditional ways of preparing and agave, also known as maguey.

In 1997 The Los Danzantes Distillery was rebuilt in an ancient area in the village of Santiago Matatlán, State of Oaxaca, a town known as the world capital of mezcal.