Balam Sotol

Balam (jaguar in Mayan), beginning 10 years ago as a company that takes care of the quality and ancestral ways of making Mexican Distillates. We work with Master Mezcallier, Master Sotoleros teachers and Raicilleros, we handle Fair Trade with them and we walk hand in hand with them to improve processes

“Sotol Sierra” Joven with 43° AB is from the region Maderas, Chihuahua; it is a distillate from “Delylirion”. Made in a ground oven with firewood and double distillation produced with the help of stainless steel still and direct fire. Through the nose strong but refined notes of herbs are noticed and an aroma belonging to the “amarilidaceae” family from which garlic and onions come from, though the mouth mineral and earthy notes are noticed.