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Casco Viejo Tequila

Casco Viejo is a traditional hand crafted tequila produced by the Camarena brothers, the third largest owners of agave plantations in Mexico. Their privileged access to the finest plants from the premium highland region of Arandas creates 100% agave blanco and reposado tequilas of exceptional quality.
The piñas are traditionally baked in brick ovens, rather than autoclaved, and a similar level of attention to traditional methods is applied to every part of the process: distillation takes place in traditional pot stills; new American oak barrels are used for aging; and the tequilas are reduced to the correct strength with water from their own well, filtered by reverse osmosis.
This is a family business that has passed down through each generation the respect for growing the best agave and distilling and maturing tequila of great pure flavour ideal or classic cocktails or as a single shot.