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Cava de Don Agustin

La Cava de Don Agustin tequilas are single estate 100% agave premium tequilas for connoisseurs, all bottled on the Camarena family premises and widely available in the best tequila bars in the UK including the famous Café Pacifico. Its unique character in part derives from the unusual fermentation process which is rounded off with a malolactic fermentation, creating an altogether smoother taste profile.

La Cava 100% agave blanco is ideal for mixing in superior cocktails or drinking on its own. it has a citrus fruit aroma with fresh, rich, tropical fruit characters and an intense agave flavour.

La Cava 100% agave reposado is aged for nine months in American oak barrels, ideally for drinking neat like brandy or cognac or for mixing in superior cocktails. Note the strong agave aroma followed by moist earthy tones and wood, mellow agave taste with dry light peppery wood flavours on the finish.