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Tequila Fortaleza

Tequila Fortaleza is produced using traditional methods which create a tequila unequaled in taste and smoothness. Using the original oven with its meter thick brick walls, the agave is baked for thirty-three hours. Then it is crushed or milled exactly the same way it was over 135 years ago in our stone mill called the tahona. The crushed agave is then washed with the pure mountain water from the Volcán de Te- quila to separate the pulp from the woody fibers to create an agave juice called mosto. The woody fibers of the agave, called bagazo, are then removed and taken to the fields to use as com-post. The agave mosto is then fermented naturally for three to four days in small wood vats, and then double distilled in a process using small copper pot stills. Fortaleza’s glass bottle is hand- blown in Tonala, Jalisco by artisan glassmakers, and the bottle tops, designed by an artisan to represent the harvested agave, or piña, are hand-made by our workers.
Fortaleza produce three types of tequila and all are made from 100% “blue” Agave tequilana Weber:
• Blanco, or white, also called silver, is stored in stainless steel tanks. Blanco never touches wood. Our Blanco label carries a drawing of our distillery.
• Reposado, or rested, is aged in oak barrels for six months. Our Reposado label carries a drawing of the Tahona or stone mill, with a horse pulling it as it was done over 100 years ago.
• Añejo, or aged, is aged in oak barrels for 18 months to two years. Our Anejo label carries a view of our estate.