La Pitaya

White and crystalline, with strong agave flavor. discovering the Essence of tequila.

As a result of the high-evolving palate of the American consumer and the rapid evolution of crafty mixology, Riazul Imports LLC is proud to introduce a 100% Blue Agave Blanco tequila named after el rancho (the ranch) “La Pitaya”; independent-spirited home of the highest quailty agaves that initially gave birth to Riazul Premium Tequila.

Just as the fruit “Pitaya” flourishes from a cactus like a symbol of life and blossom, Tequila La Pitaya results from the compromise that Riazul has with its consumers to continue on its trend to provide an exceptional tequila at a very affordable price.

This 100% blue agave tequila was carefully crafted in our distillery through proprietary methods of longer cooking periods, unique fermentation and slower burn double distillations.

The process kicks-off with our top-of-the-line agaves that flourish on our rich volcanic virgin soil. This exceptional tequila, is bold and silky with a strong agave nose and a smoky, herbal flavor.

La Pitaya Blanco is for those who appreciate the flavor of pure agave consumed neat, on the rocks or in a signature cocktail.