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Born out of a love story between Hp Eder from Austria and Adriana Alvarez Maxemin from Guadalajara, Mexico. Padre Azul is an award-winning 100% blue agave tequila known for its vainilla and caramel flavors and unparalleled smooth finish.
The most important ingredient for an outstanding tequila is time.
Padre azul bottles are topped with a 270-gram solid metal skull, paying homage to Dia de los Muertos and eternal friendship. The leather jacket with lacing is a tribute to the Mexican “Lucha Libre” wrestling masks. “Azul” refers to the “blue” Weber agave, from which tequila is made, and the name “Padre” does not mean the father, but quotes a popular Mexican saying: “que padre,” an expression of cheerful excitement, meaning “how fantastic” or “how wonderful.”

Slow-cooked in traditional “Mampostería” ovens, fermented without artificial yeast and distilled in small batches.

Padre azul is made in Mexico, going above and beyond the standard requirements and quality criteria for tequila from Mexico. Our bottle was inspired by Mexican culture and heritage.

100% AGAVE
Crafted from Blue Weber Agave that are matured to at least eight years old. The Agave are grown in the “Valles” near Amatitán in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.