Pancho Datos

In 1947 the story of Pancho Datos, a Mexican Revolutionary, was born through the poems of Ricardo Grijalva de Leon. These stories sparked the imagination of a nation and became an iconic piece of Mexican folklore. 68 years later Luis Carlos Grijalva chose to honour his grandfather’s legacy through Tequila Pancho Datos, a premium tequila created to ignite a passion in others to share their own stories with the world.

Made from the finest Blue Weber agave, grown for 8 years in the town of El Arenal, our process combines the fire of the revolution with ultimate craft to produce our Tequila Plata and Reposado. Our Plata is a pure unaged Tequila with herbal, sweet, and spicy notes.

Our Reposado is aged in ex-Bourbon White Oak casks. Bourbon is an iconic spirit loved by many thanks to its strong vanilla and caramel flavours. After 6 months in the barrels our Reposado comes out golden in colour, tasting smooth and infused with these Bourbon notes. Coupled with the sweet agave this offers drinkers a tequila with unrivalled flavor and to be enjoyed by everyone.