Raicilla La Estancia

In 2014, Australian born Rio Chenery moved to Mexico to be reunited with his Mexican family and began working on his dream project. In the 1960’s his grandfather, who worked for the Moctezuma Brewery, visited the small mountain town of Mascota in the state of Jalisco and fell in love with the unique flavour of raicilla. 50 years later Rio Chenery founded R&J Estancia Distillery with the goal of making his grandfather’s beloved drink and sharing it with the world.
Estancia Raicilla is an agave spirit made in the highlands of the Sierra Madre Occidental. From the heart of the maximiliana Agave surface a bouquet of citrus and floral aromas that are joined by notes of hibiscus, beach plum and pineapple. Our small batch spirit is double distilled in traditional wood fire pot stills. We use handcrafted bottles made from recycled Coca-Cola bottles, and old Jack Daniel’s bourbon barrels to ferment the agave must.