UWA Tequila

UWA Tequila is a cultural collaboration between Founder Michael Ballantyne and Master Distiller Luis Trejo of La Cofradia Distillery. UWA has created the first tequila that has been solely aged in single malt Speyside whisky casks from Scotland. Sourcing oak whisky casks from a leading Speyside whisky distillery in the North east of Scotland – 20 miles from the Founders hometown. The casks are then exported to Tequila, Mexico where the ageing process begins. Each UWA Tequila product is made with 100% Blue Weber lowland agave. The Platinum Blanco is packed with notes of cooked agave, and the rest of the range boasts of sweet oaky tastes which comes directly from the cask. These flavours are experienced best by sipping the tequila.