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“A project founded with love”. The brand Mezcal Amores was founded in 2010 by a group of friends who, after making several trips to different mezcal producing states in the country, developed a deep rooted love for these regions and this magical spirit. They became immersed in a world that surrounded them in traditions, tastes and smells. These experiences inspired them to create a product that encompasses their passion for and devotion to the roots of Mexico.

Their search for the perfect mezcal led them to explore the mezcal producing lands of: Durango, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosí, Tamaulipas and Zacatecas. While exploring these regions, they saw how hard the people in the fields and in the palenques worked. It made them realize that if they had success in finding the right mezcal, they could also help the people of this region have a better way of life. Thus was born the Philosophy of Mezcal Amores.

“The idea was to find a smooth and balanced mezcal that kept the flavor characteristics traditional to mezcal. After a year they were able to define a product that met all their expectations”.

Ancho Reyes

Ancho Reyes is born from the sacred land of Puebla, an original liquid as unique and independent as the ancho chile from which it is made.



Made with 100% Espadin agave, Bruxo No.1 is a traditional mezcal, a close relative to tequila (which must be made from blue agave). If you didn’t know, “Espadin” is the Spanish name for a ceremonial sword, just a little trivia for you to enjoy as you’re sipping this smoky, flavourful mezcal


Burrito Fiestero

Burrito Fiestero is a 100% hand crafted mezcal, made out of agave cenizo, endemic to the state of Durango. This maguey takes from 10 -13 years to mature. Burrito Fiestero was created with the purpose of bringing the real essence of Mexico to the world.


Buen Suceso

Two friends. Two cultures. Two worlds. One trip, one encounter: Oaxaca, Mexico. Never ending days walking under the sun between steady agaves. Baked landscapes painted with hues of green and brown. Infinite hills, blue skies dotted with the odd sailing cloud. A change of course, a deviation between the never ending serpentine paths, took them to a small village innocently sheltered, guarded by majestic rolling hills. Welcomed with extraordinary kindness and warmness, they quickly became the villagers’ guests of honor. They laughed, ate amongst the locals and toasted to good health with their unique mezcal.



Derrumbes explores the different regions that make up the mezcal appellation. Derrumbes takes drinkers on a journey through the different agaves, terroirs and production techniques that create the rich variety and organoleptic nuances exhibited by this diverse and intriguing category

Derrumbes Oaxaca is a perfect example of a mezcal from the Central Valley of Oaxaca

Mezcal Derrumbes Michoacan is an exotic combination of rich, pungent agaves and ancient production techniques. Two species of agave are used to produce this mescal: agave Cupreata brings mature fruit notes, while agave Cenizo brings more herbal notes

El Jolgorio

Traditional, artisanal mezcal forms an important part of rituals, ceremonies and festivities – known as “Jolgorios” – in villages in our native homeland of Oaxaca, México.  Nine unique El JolgorioMezcals are made exclusively from different species and varieties of wild and semi-wild harvested agave by Maestro Mezcaleros in local villages in Oaxaca, and are twice distilled in copper pot stills. On every bottle is inscribed the species of agave, the age at harvest, the village of production, the name of the Maestro Mezcalero, and the batch and lot number so as to truly connect the drinker with the land, people, and plants at the heart and soul of our mezcal. Salud y Dixeebe!


El Señorío

Casa Armando Guillermo Prieto owns the largest Mezcal distillery in the world with state of the art technology. It is a 100% Mexican company which seeks to raise the profile of mezcal around the world through standardized processes and the highest possible quality.

EL SEÑORÍO, mezcal as it was made ever since the beginning, how it should be made.


Gusano Rojo

Mezcal Gusano Rojo is a family owned mezcal, now made by the family’s third generation this classic mezcal is one of the most popular in Mexico. Made in a traditional way, and using 100% Espadín Agave from Oaxaca, this mezcal is smooth, smokey and an excellent representative of a classic mezcal that has been improved and tested by time.
Named Gusano Rojo (Red Worm, in English) after the larvae that is found on the Agave plants used for the production of mezcal. In 1950’s Gusano Rojo was the first mezcal to incorporate the flavour that the worm adds to the mezcal after being curated and added to the bottle; a practice now followed by many in the industry. The best way to enjoy mezcal with so much tradition is in a classic way: zipped and accompanied by crushed worm salt over a slice of orange.


Ilegal Mezcal

Desperate for a good mezcal to stock at his bar, Cafe No Se, John Rexer began smuggling artisanal mezcal from Oaxaca to Guatemala in 2004. More fitting of a Soderbergh film, Ilegal’s history is full of bandits, river rafts, bribes, disguises, and late night drop points

Once in his bar it didn’t take long for word to get out about this smooth and smoky spirit with the handwritten labels that was only available from the backroom at Café No Se. Soon, this mezcal was being carried one, two,three, bottles at a time, in the luggage of travellers, writers and photographers passing from Guatemala to New York, London, LA and beyond. In late 2009, Ilegal Mezcal became legal and started appearing at select restaurants and bars in New York, Texas and California. Today Ilegal is carried in over 25 US states, Australia, Singapore, and countries in both Europe and the Caribbean

Imagen Bot. Magia Negra

Magia Negra

New, and enigmatic, yet smooth; Magia Negra (Black Magic in English) is the only black mezcal available in the market. Magia Negra mezcal has been developed by a fourth generation mezcal apasionado using 100% Espadín Agaves from Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. Made in an artisanal process using only natural ingredients, this mezcal ensures quality and tradition.
Its mysterious look is rounded up by a smooth and light flavour with slightly sweeter notes, Magia Negra invites us to drink by itself or to mix its enigmatic colours and flavours in a cocktail.

Marca Negra

The highlands of Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico, has a strong tradition of Mezcal production dating back to the 16th century. The small village of San Luis del Rio encapsulates artisanal tradition. Gravel roads lead the way through the Sierra Madre mountains to its 3,300-ft elevation above sea level. The population of primarily indigenous people is less than 500. In the air, the smell of smoking wood heating stones in an earthen oven cooking agave piñas. A horse hauls a stone wheel to prepare the mash for fermentation. Copper pot-stills heat the fermented agave above wood fires. The significance of the land, the agave, the time taken for production and the keen skill of each master distiller is beautifully represented in every pure, authentic Marca Negra Mezcal selection


Many years ago, according to legend, a flash lit up the sky of the southern sierra of Oaxaca. There was a loud roar and then, the whole town saw “little eyes of fire” falling all around. one of them made a small crater and the local master mezcalero decided to use it as a red-hot earthen pit oven to cook his fresh espadín agave hearts. and so, he produced the best mezcal the region had ever tasted. “how did you do it?”, people asked him… the old man simply replied: “it fell from the sky”.


Mezcales de Leyenda

Mezcales de Leyenda is a Cooperative formed by young Mexican entrepreneurs in association with small producers from various regions in Mexico. We promote Mezcal internationally in order for it to be justly recognised as one of the most sophisticated spirits in the world.


Mezcal Gin

Mezcal Gin is an authentic, small-batch handcrafted spirit that brings together two of the most emblematic spirits of the world. One, the most ancient of the Americas, mezcal; and the other one of the most populars in Europe, Gin. We use the traditional chicken breast mezcal method (maceration) and (vapor infusion) Leaving the recipe with the Mexican botanicals and replacing the chicken breast with the botanicals of the Gin.


Montelobos is an artisanal mezcal made in Santiago Matatlán Oaxaca produced with 100% organically certified agave espadín. Our mezcal is meticulously crafted by world renowned agave expert Iván Saldaña. It is made according to his vision and passion for agave and artisanal mezcal with respect for traditional production methods, sustainability, and the quality of life in the communities and families who have produced mezcal for generations. Montelobos achieves extraordinary balance and complexity through a bold integration between agave, fermentation notes and smoke. Montelobos Mezcal is proudly produced by Casa Montelobos, a Mexican company based in Oaxaca and Mexico City.

Nuestra Soledad

Mezcal Nuestra Soledad is a single village mezcal that showcases the differences between the villages of Santiago Matatlán, La Compañía Ejutla, San Luis del Rio, and San Baltazar Guelavila. Mezcal Nuestra Soledad (a name which pays homage to Our Lady the Virgin of Solitude, the patron saint of the city of Oaxaca) is born from an ancient tradition and hand-crafted to conserve and retain the centuries-old methods of cultivating and producing this Elixir of the Gods. Each different expression is made from 100% agave Espadín, by the producers of El Jolgorio mezcals, in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Pelotón de la Muerte

Pelotón de la Muerte Mezcal is made by Zapotec maestro mezcalero Cutberto Santiago and his family in a small artisanal mezcal palenque in Santiago Matatlán, in the Central Valley of Oaxaca. Cutberto use ancient traditional methods, starting with cooking the Espadín agave in a stone pit oven for 4-6 days covered with lava rocks, after which it ferments for four days or more in wooden vats using only wild yeast from the ambient environment. It is then double-distilled with agave fiber in copper pot stills and bottled joven (unaged). All the wild agaves used to produce Pelotón de la Muerte are organically grown.

La Venenosa Raicilla


San Cosme

A product of a fascinating history of religion, politics, astronomy and philosophy, mezcal is a miraculous beverage that reflects the richness of a culture with mythical origins

Mezcal San Cosme is the taste of our ancestors; its delicate taste should be enjoyed slowly, by sipping each drink while discovering the complex aromas, smooth textures and smoky softness of this historical Mexican beverage


Sotol Hacienda de Chihuahua



Our mezcal, Xila, emanates from the blend of two of Mexico’s most captivating and significant cultures: the Oaxacan and Pueblan. The long leaved, succulent agave plant characterises the state of Oaxaca; being a time-honored plant from which our ancestors extracted an enticing nectar to produce a heavenly drink: mezcal. Renamed as “the elixir of gods”, it is said that mezcal contains many of the mythical properties of the luscious agave plant; making out of it a unique and extraordinary drink. We revolutionized this ethereal drink by blending it with the most flavorsome and smoky product in Puebla: the esteemed ancho chile. Xila preserves the everlasting aromas and flavors of our ancestors, but revolutionizes both cultures to give birth to a product that modernizes and outperforms what is within the limits of tradition.



ZIGNUM, the mezcal born from the union of Mexican tradition and the new school of mezcal producers and modern techniques

The result is a more refined, premium quality mezcal which is stripped of excesses in order to maximize its mixing capabilities. During its elaboration process, CAGP extract the juices from the agave plant before cooking, thus eliminating the smoky flavour characteristic of mezcals. Our continuous distillation process enables us to control and reduce the levels of higher alcohols and methanol, thus obtaining a more pure mezcal.

ZIGNUM is 100% agave mezcal, to be enjoyed neat or mixed.

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