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Condesa, both the name of a bohemian chic district in Mexico City and the Spanish word for countess, is an intimate tapas bar in Covent Garden, London, fusing flavours taking inspiration from across Spain and Mexico.

Condesa signature dish;

Chicken thigh cooked in black poblano sauce on corn tortilla. sesame seeds and crispy shallots.


Tamales UK

Our food comes mainly from the central and southern regions of Mexico and focuses on the complex flavours that can be found in the streets of these regions. 

We are passionate about delivering the real flavours of traditional Mexican food to the British, thus our offer is centered around dishes that have been long established within the Mexican cuisine such as traditional tamales, quesadillas and tacos.

No sour cream, no “hard shell” nor “taco holders” (sorry!), only genuine food – made from scratch- is what distinguishes us from many other Mexican/Tex Mex options available in London.

Our signature dish for the festival; Chicken in green tomatillo sauce, Chicken in mole oaxaqueno and Cheese n’ Chilli as a vegetarian option






Barrio Bars

Barrio Familia of Bars & Restaurants across London. We have a passion for exquisite drinks, fresh cooking and great music.

Barrio’s signature dish;

Pork pastor taco (traditional made as in Mexico City)




Café Pacifco:

What makes Café Pacifico so special? We’d have to lie if we would attribute it to one single trait. It’s like with one of Café Pacifico’s perfectly created Mexican dishes: a fine array of spices and ingredients, a great blend of hospitality and a host of authentic Mexican recipes to make you feel like taking a trip to Mexico City. The restaurant on Langley Street has become a staple at Covent Garden.

Signature dish;

Street tacos pork, chorizo, beef and vegetarian option




DF / Mexico

DF/Mexico takes the best of Mexican flavours and shakes them up with some modern diner influences. Fresh, exciting, feel-good. This is a place for real quick food: NYC tortas with smashed avocado; home-cooked fries dusted with chilli salt; slow-cooked tacos served fast.





An offspring of Mexico city’s El Farolito, Lupita offers true and authentic Mexico city food and great margaritas without compromising on ingredients and methods of preparation. Lupita is a casual resaurant with 3 locations in London. 

Lupita image