Aventureros del Mezcal

Aventureros del Mezcal is a social enterprise (SERVICIOS DE INNOVACION E IMPULSO DE NEGOCIOS DE EMPRENDIMIENTO SOCIAL-SIINES, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA PROMOTORA DE INVERSIÓN DE CAPITAL VARIABLE) that seeks the dignification of the work of the mezcal producer and the profitability thereof, that is, that They earn just enough for their work. We want to contribute to the fact that the work of unique and ancestral craft production ceases to be underpaid and little recognized. The mezcal-producing families that have inherited this tradition since pre-Hispanic times can not live off their work and are far from the international fame Mezcal enjoys today. The basic premise of this project is that “If the mezcalera family is the base of the chain, they must be directly benefited by the work they do daily.”

Master mezcalero: Alberto Martínez López
Community: Santa Catarina Albarradas, Tlacocula
Agave: Espadín
Distillation: Second distillation in clay pot.
Degree of alcohol: 50 °.
Description: 500 mL glass bottle with cork stopper.
Aromatic Notes: A deeply aromatic beverage, despite the agave species. Spicy and herbal. Balanced with notes of earth, fruits and sweet. Alcohol power Marked but softened with cool tones. Low acidity.