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3 reasons why Mezcal is different from Tequila

  1. Tequila and Mezcal are produced in different States of Mexico (thought there is an overlap)
  2. Tequila can only be made, by law, with one variety of Agave (Blue Agave), Mezcal can be made with up to 30 varieties of Agave, Espadín being the most common Agave used for its production.
  3. The Mezcal production process is different, more organic and less industrial, which leads to a distinctly different flavour profile. 
Mezcal can best be understood by simply tasting but before we appreciate Mezcal, understanding why it is different from tequila is a great place to start.

Agave & Categories

Mezcal production process

7 factors that affect the quality and flavour of Mezcal


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