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Balam (jaguar in Mayan), beginning 10 years ago as a company that takes care of the quality and ancestral ways of making Mexican Distillates. We work with Master Mezcallier, Master Sotoleros teachers and Raicilleros, we handle Fair Trade with them and we walk hand in hand with them to improve processes

“Raicilla Costa” Joven with 43° AB is from the region of Cabo Corrientes Jalisco, it is a distillate made of Chico Aguiar Agave. Made with a conic firewood oven it has two distillations made with a prehispanic philippine distiller. The notes that can be found through the nose are of woodfire, wild flowers and a touch of citrics. Through the taste the notes are of baked green agave giving a touch of roasted fruits and for the ending mineral notes can be found which is part of the artisanal process.

“Raicilla Sierra” Joven with 43° AB is from the region of Mascota, Jalisco. It is a distillate made out of Maximiliana Agave in a masonry oven with firewood and a distillation obtained through stainless steel still using direct fire. Through the smell notes can be found like wild herbs, roasted pineapple, lightly smoked and graphite. Through the taste vegetables with subtle sweetness and minerality can be noticed leaving a persistent taste.