Real Matlatl

Being one of the main valleys of Oaxaca in Where the best mezcales of the region, as well as the greater production of the same Is where “Real Matlatl” is born. Palenque is located on the side of the road International in km. 48.5 since 1948 established By Don Anastacio Santiago. Santiago Matatlan has great climatic conditions for the cultivation of maguey Spadin with which is lovingly elaborated Our mezcal selecting only maguey Capon, this is the one who already paid tribute to the Mother earth through their little children (children or magueyes Small). This, but the wise experience and the Meticulous process of elaboration of the As a result a sophisticated drink author Able to satisfy the most refined palate and Demanding that it might exist.

Mezcal Real Matlatl is one of the mezcales Which is still distilled in an artisan way, distinguished By the use of their own plantations, Selecting the magueyes that have the degree Optimum of maturity so as to be able to give Mezcal of unmistakable flavor, 100% maguey.

A single producer, a single palenque, a single spirit.