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The festival celebrates both traditional and contemporary Mexico.  It is a true journey across the country, a one-off opportunity to sample the finest agave spirits and meet distillers and creators behind one of the most up-and-coming spirit categories.

We are coming back this Autumn on the 8th and 9th of September. With more brands, masterclasses and seminars. This year’s Tequila & Mezcal fest will be held at Studio 9294 located in Hackney Wick.

If you have any enquiries please do not hestitate in getting in touch with us.


Aeromexico Tequila Mezcal Fest
Los Cabos Tequila Fest
Aeromexico Tequila Mezcal Fest
Los Cabos Tequila Fest




MADEXICAN is a consortium of brands that seek to promote 100% Mexican products abroad.The project consists of creating a space inside a store where some brands from Mexico can be displayed and sold.

With this project, we want everyone to “Live the Mexican culture through our food”.

    • Happy Marmalades – Guava Passion
      • Guava & Passion Fruit (85%), organic agave syrup, citric acid, xhantan gum,  No sugar, No preservatives, Gluten free, Vegan.
    • Happy Marmalades – Jamaica Smile
      • Jamaica flower (80%) agave honey
      • organic, xanthan gum.  No sugar, No preservatives, Gluten free, Vegan.
      • Try it with pecorino cheese or in cocktails with mezcal
    • Happy Marmalades – Happy Mango
      • Mango (80%), organic agave honey,
      • citric acid, xanthan gum.  No sugar, No preservatives, Gluten free, Vegan.
      • Give a tropical touch to your dishes and drinks with Happy Mango.
    • Happy Marmalades – Happy Guava
      • Guava (85%), organic agave syrup, citric acid, xhantan gum.  No sugar, No preservatives, Gluten free, Vegan.
      • Discover Happy Margaritas!: Frappé ice + tequila + Happy Guava.

  • Fiesta mexicana
      • La Sangrita, our main product, is a drink based on 100% natural orange juice, lemon juice, tomato puree, chili and spices. We do not like artificial coloring nor artificial flavoring, we always take care of the quality of what we drink at the party.
  • BGO
    • Blue Green Organics Light Blue Agave is a delicious organic sweetener elaborated 100% from Agave tequilana Weber Blue variety. It’s a perfect substitute of sugar with greater sweetness (approx. 1.5 times sweeter than table sugar), with a low producing glycemic index and antioxidant capacity. Which makes it ideal as a replacement for table sugar, honey, corn, and/or maple syrup.

  • Vivente
    • NEKUTLI S.A de C.V was founded in 2002. It is composed of 13 moral businesses which are integrated by rural productive societies (cooperatives) and a union of cooperatives with an approximately number of 483 partners.
    • NEKUTLI produces, packs and markets organic agave syrup as well as Metlin and Metlos (fructans from agave) to a wide number of clients on the food market.

  • La comandanta
    • LA COMANDANTA is a high-impact Mexican company focused on identifying, rescuing, and promoting authentic Mexican foods made or harvested by smallholder producers who still preserve the most traditional Mexican agriculture and culinary methods.
  • We are focused on reactivating our traditional Mexican field, preventing our heirloom seeds from extinction, as well as our ancestral cooking and cultivation techniques (the traditional “milpa”).

  • Amaranthine
    • Obleas known as Wafers in English are round shaped healthy snacks that are made using Amaranth Flour as the base, and can have either a fruit powder, superfoods, seeds or additional toppings added to appeal to consumers.
    • Amaranth wafers are made with many different ingredients but there are a couple of key ingredients that make these wafers unique:
      • Amaranth Flour
      • Flavor (Vanilla, Taro, Berries or Chocolate & dried coconut, depending on the wafer flavor)
      • Stevia (sugar free)
      • Water
  • Danatura
    • Born from the search to offer real, simple and nutritious foods, free of added sugar, preservatives and chemical additives, foods that will really contribute to the general wellbeing of all the people who consume them.
    • They produce and commercialize a wide range of products:
  • 100% natural
  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Totally vegan
  • Lactose, casein and gluten free
  • No added refined sugars
  • Free from artificial sweeteners
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Truly nourishing foods
  • Nutras
    • In a world where cravings for both taste and nutrition run deep, Nutras Pop Food emerged as a true champion of wholesome snacking. A vibrant and health-conscious brand, Nutras Pop Food dedicates itself to the well-being of every single individual. One part of their products are their yogurt flavored coating bites and other flavored bites:
      • Mango flavor bites with yogurt flavored coating
      • Peach flavor bites with yogurt flavored coating
      • Strawberry flavor bites with yogurt flavored coating



  • Jalapeño flavor bites with matcha
  • Cheddar bites with turmeric
  • Four cheese bites with agave inulin

  • Tequila Puerto Maestro
    • We are the desire of every person to go for more and improve life. Welcome to Mexico, where we forge the character of each person with sweet drinks, welcoming life as a blessing and where we decide to honor it with a journey that is bound for port, Puerto Maestro.
      • Silver Tequila
      • Aged Tequila
      • Extra aged Tequila
  • Pirinola
    • Our vanilla contributes to more than 50 families of producers in the Totonac Region of Northern Puebla and some more in Western Mexico in the coastal region of the state of Jalisco and Nayarit.
    • Vanilla Pirinola is part of a sustainable Project that contributes to the environment by being grown in agroforestry systems and is an economically and socially viable option for the regions where it is produced.
  • Dulces Kokito
    • We offer our customers and consumers sweets of excellent quality and flavor for their complete satisfaction, maintaining the quality of the raw materials in their handmade elaboration, making the most of the great nutritional properties of the coconut and thus managing to keep us in the taste of the people.
      • Coconut Candy: bandera Pa Chan Guera (Pa Chan Guera Flag)

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