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The following guidelines have been put in place for the safety and enjoyment of everyone at the festival. By buying a ticket for Tequila Fest, you agree to abide by these rules which have been designed to ensure a safe environment for everyone at the festival.

1. The legal drinking age in the UK is 18 years old. The Festival Organisers may ask for proof of ID from any guests whom they believe to be underage.
2. Tequila Fest encourages responsible drinking by all visitors to the festival.
3. The Festival is all about education, fun and enjoyment – not excess. In this respect, the festival believes in quality over quantity.
4. There will be spittoons and free drinking water available on all exhibitor stands and in easily visible locations throughout the venue.
5. Visitors are encouraged to drink plenty of water in between sampling.
6. Safety Stewards will be on duty at the Festival for the help and protection of all visitors and exhibitors.
7. The Stewards will ask anyone who is inebriated or who becomes disruptive or offensive to other visitors or exhibitors to leave the festival.
8. No re-admittance will be granted to anyone who has been asked to leave the festival or who has been removed from the festival for the above reasons.
9. The above guidelines, if followed correctly, should greatly enhance Visitors’ enjoyment of the Festival and the appreciation of the fine tequilas and mezcals available on the day.

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