Honorio Robledo



Artist Honorio Robledo is a multifaceted talent. His work is manifested in joyful outbursts of painting, literature, and music, primarily rooted in the richly folkloric, oral tradition of the  Mexican state of Veracruz.
Robledo has published more than fifteen children’s books in his native Mexico as well as in the United States, winning the 2002 Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY Award) for his illustrations in the book EL CUCUY. His pictorial work has found its way across several continents.
Riding a magical wave of Carnival celebrations and Fandangos, Robledo, accompanied by his Veracruz contemporaries, has become a driving force behind the Tropical Realism Movement. His CHANEKE DANCE anthology is an allegory based on leeward mythology. He is presently launching a new collection of stories inspired by the mystical world of Mezcal.
As a musician dedicated to Son Jarocho, a Veracruz musical tradition with a 250 year history, Robledo was inspired to record SENDEROS, one of the most novel and ambitious CD compilations in its field to date.

The magic of Mezcal
Mezcal, a traditional Mexican beverage, has existed for centuries.   Songs, poems, and paintings have been created in its honor by Mexico’s artists. Like the more widely recognized tequila, Mezcal is made from the maguey plant, a fibrous and thorny cactus native to the dry mountainous regions of Mexico.  This unique brew is made by cooking the heart of the maguey cactus in artisanal ovens, and then leaving it to ferment. Drops still warm and fragrant are carefully distilled  to create this magnificent liquor. For centuries, Mezcal was consumed by the common people. Recent times have seen it evolve into a sophisticated drink gaining worldwide acclaim.  This enticing potion journeys from the mountains to the palate without commercial additives or preservatives. More than thirty distinct varieties of the maguey cactus grow wild in remote mountain areas. Harvest and transport of this product are no easy task, yet assure the integrity of this completely organic libation. Legend has it that Mezcal is the remedy for everything good or bad, and hangover-free to boot!
SALUD!!!!  (Cheers!!!)